In order to do so, you just have to take a look at the inscriptions on a pair you already have at your disposal.

Depending on the eyeglasses, these indications can be found either on one of your eyeglasses’ arms or on the bridge (the part which is on your nose).

You found them?

There are often several series of figures and symbols written on your frame. Not all of them are useful to determine your ideal frame size. Only three series of figures will be of interest: they are usually written one next to another, sometimes separated by a small square.

The lense width
The bridge width
The arm length

Other figures and symbols might appear on your eyeglasses’ arms. Don’t take them into account; these are the references of your frame’s model and color. The most important indication remains the lens width. For other indications, approximate measurements are accepted.
Keep in mind that the size of your sunglasses is different from the size of your usual eyeglasses.

If you don’t have a pair at your disposal or cannot find these indications on your eyeglasses, don’t hesitate to contact us to benefit from our expertise.
If you chose delivery in store, the adjustment can be made directly by your eyecare professional.

You can now find eyeglasses that fit you!. You can look for frames while completing the corresponding gaps on the left search column with the size information you just noted down.

Easy, isn’t it?