Prescription for eyeglasses

How to read my eyeglasses prescription?

OD(Right Eye), OS(Left Eye): these two lines describe the difference of prescription for the right eye (OD, oculus dexter - sometimes only indicated by the letter R) and the left eye (OS, oculus sinister - sometimes only indicated by the letter L).

SPH: this indication is the sphere, also called spherical error. The sphere is expressed in dioptres and can take positive or negative values. Values are positive for farsighted vision and negative for nearsighted vision. The higher the sphere, the stronger the correction.

CYL, AXIS: Cylinder and axis correspond respectively to the strength and direction of astigmatism. If you have no astigmatism, you don't need to fill these two fields ("none"). Cylinder is a positive or negative value that is generally written in brackets on your prescription (though it is not always the case). Axis corresponds to the correction angle for astigmatism: it is measured in degrees and comprised between 1 and 180.

ADD: ADD stands for addition or near vision, and has to be filled only in 2 cases: farsightedness or presbyopia. It is a value which is added to the sphere in order to make near vision clearer. It is preceded by a + sign.

What is the pupillary distance?

The pupillary distance (PD) is the distance in millimeters between the two pupils (center of the eye). If you don't know your pupillary distance, don't hesitate to contact your optician to book an appointment. In some cases, you might be asked for 2 half-PDs to provide more acurate information.

Where to enter my prescription while ordering?

You can enter your prescription manually each time you want to make a purchase, or fill this information directly in the "My account" section in order to save time. Get ready to submit a scan or a photo of your prescription.

To ensure the best comfort and prevent eventual entry errors, all orders are verified by your customer service team.

My prescription will expire soon

A prescription expires between one and two years after the last eye exam.
If you haven't visited an optician since a longer period, contact us and book an appointment. Regular ocular exams are important to ensure a good visual health!